Get the Authentic Rural Experience Of Bangladesh

Get the Authentic Rural Experience Of Bangaldesh

Village of Bangladesh: the Harmony of nature and life

If you live a cosmopolitan life in the hustling-bustling surroundings. filled in with chaos, noises, hectic way of life governed by typical time-schedule, holidays in a serene country-side spending your with a relaxed and casual ambiance would certainly be of your life experience. Bangladesh, being a rural landscape offers you that unique opportunity to explore the real and truly rural culture that will make your holiday most exciting and soul-searching. Here you will come across the events and occasions one after another that surprise you all the way. Innate hospitality, sense of belonging to the guests, smile, and happiness are just fabulous for the tourists.

Life In Village

The life of the people in a Bangladeshi village has been a great attraction for visitors. The typical way of life which is not running fast, but having a rhythmic style and motion with colors and festivities captivates the tourists. The primitive way of cultivation, despite having all modern facilities, shows the strong adherence of the people to preserve their long-standing heritage and culture. And festivity is just a part and parcel of life as every occasion is made memorable with big celebrations.


Livelihood in Village

The livelihood in the villages is mostly dependent on agriculture in Bangladesh. As the country is the biggest delta in the world, so the soil of Bangladesh is one of the most fertile lands in the world because of upstream siltation which grows varieties of crops. Besides, a significant portion of the people is engaged in clothing manufacturing, small and cottage industry businesses and others. The lifestyle in rural areas in Bangladesh is mostly influenced by agriculture as from time immemorial different occasions of farming have been celebrated. When the people sow seeds harvest the crops- all the occasions are celebrated with festivity.



Bangladesh is a riverine country and these rivers are full of fishes. The people living by the side of these rivers make their livelihood mainly by fishing. The life of a fisherman is challenging and resilient. But the songs sung by the fishermen in the middle of the rivers are the legacy that makes you feel that every work here in Bangladesh represents life with realization.



Farming is the main occupation of most of the village people in Bangladesh. 0nce there was a time, the villagers were engaged in farming only a few crops like rice. Jute and some selected crops. But now they have become more diversified. Now you will see farmers farming fruits, vegetables, flowers, fishes, poultry, etc.



Some people also run their family by pottering. There are many pottery villages in Bangladesh where the majority of people earn their livelihood by making various crafts with bronze, brass, and mud. These potteries carry the culture and tradition of our country. The potters make daily necessaries, toys, and crafts for home décor.

Houses in Village

In villages, the houses are not like cities, You will see the tin-shed house in villages. Besides, there are also houses made of clay with a thatched roof. In the summer season, you will feel cool if you live in the house made of clay and in the rainy season you will hear the musical pitter-patter sound of rain that you can never have in the brick-built house.


Entertainment in Village

The entertainment in the village is quite different. The village children play various funny games like kanamachi, dariyabadha, gollachut, etc. The male persons go to enjoy folk songs and jatrapala. On the other händ, females like to gossip with each other after finishing their work


Fairs & festivals

Village fairs are common in every village in Bangladesh. There are held in celebration of various occasions like Eid, Puja, at the birth anniversary of any famous personality, at the time of Bengali New Year, etc. The people save money and wait for the fair to be held.  During the fair, they purchase various products with their saving money.



Wedding in the village is very much enjoyable. They perform various types of rituals at the wedding. Normally nobody wants to miss the opportunity to attend a wedding in the village. The neighbors are the most curious at wedding time and the children express happiness running to and fro, firing crackers, dancing, etc. In the village wedding, the bride goes to her in-law’s house sitting in a palanquin that is very interesting and the groom keeps walking just beside her newly married bride.


Games & Sports

The village people spend their leisure funny playing some games. They play in the big field probably in the school field and all the village people gather there to enjoy sports. Some games are Kabadi, Bolikhela, bullfight and many other.


The hospitality of Village people

The village people are very hospitable. At first, they will greet you with a sweet smile. They will talk, ask your wellbeing and you can never realize that you are talking with them the first time. They will make you feel so close that you have never thought to be. You will be served with various delicious fresh handmade foods that you will remember for the rest of your life.


The natural beauty of Village

Actually, village itself is beauty because everywhere it is green, fresh, calm and quiet where you can find the true essence of life. Always it is decorated with the ornaments of nature like trees, birds, fresh air and at every season it changes its decoration with time. Sometimes it hides into the fog and sometimes gets wet into water. Sometimes it smiles with the sun and sometimes plays with trees and flowers.


Village Haat

A market place where people get all the commodities are called haat. In every village, there is a haat that sits once or twice a week and you will find all fresh commodities here. Farmers bring everything from their farms. The people wait for this haat day. On this day, they sell their products, get money and purchase the necessary things for them.

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