We have been in the tourism industry for more than 10 years


Sofhor is a group of nature loving travel frantic people who love to explore the splendour of Beautiful Bangladesh. The thrill and romance of the expedition of fresh stream and violent river, errand in jungle in the mid of rain turn them into tourist guides leaving behind their jobs.

The self-made tourist guide worked with a lot many giant tourism farms as well as enlarged their own experience. Once they thought that they can start their own. Here sets off the journey of Sofhor!

প্রকৃতিপ্রেমী কিছু ভ্রমণ পাগল দলের প্রায় অর্ধযুগ ধরে বাংলাদেশের আনাচে কানাচে ঘুরে বেড়ানো দলের নামই সফর। নিত্য নতুন ঝর্ণা, খরস্রোতে নদীর খোঁজ, বৃষ্টির মাঝে প্রকৃতির বন বাদড়ে থাকতে পছন্দ করা পাগল গুলা একসময় কাজ ছেড়ে দিয়ে কিংবা বন্ধের দিনে হয়ে যায় ট্যুর গাইড।

স্বেচ্ছায় গাইড বনে যাওয়া পাগল গুলো কাজ করতে থাকে দেশের বড় বড় ট্যুরিজম ফার্মের সাথে আর নিজেদের অভিজ্ঞতার ঝুলি বাড়াতে থাকে। একসময় এসে তারা মনে করে একটা ট্যুরিজম ফার্ম দেয়া যায়। এখান থেকেই মূলত সফর এর সৃষ্টি।

Why Sofhor

We are an energetic tour operator/tour planner that covers the most beautiful corners of the Bangladesh. Our guide is well-known with all our tours as they take the tourists themselves to the journey’s end.

As of our durable relations with agencies which are mainly sofhor tourism-owned, we can totally undertake that what we offer in terms of services, well-trained tourist guides, accommodation and other aspects of each trips will meet our exciting standards.


Sofhor tourism is little and new as a tour operator/travel company, but the company is practiced and focused in Bangladesh hill tracks and tea garden area .

Since, establishment of Company in 2018. We have been frequently growing as a leading eco travel operator in Bangladesh. We give wide-reaching value services from our head office in Dhaka.

We are also operating tours in Bhutan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. Only respect and belief over the years of working as one.

In addition, flourishing in the company, we are also keen to continue a high level of exact standards in all our operations.

Our constant keen and exceedingly educated staff-base gives us an advantage over the tough competition.

Clients First

We always give confidence response on our services from our respected clients.

While, you are planning to tour with us we take care of the whole thing – to plan a suitable itinerary to continue the most cautious clean principles in food preparation.

We offer recent pre-trip info, use only the best lodges, adjust itinerary to outfit your comforts and deliver to any nourishing requirements.

We have a well-qualified staff in Dhaka taking care of tours, travelling, international/domestic flight booking, transfers, permits and visas.

An assistant of our tour company will receive you at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport on your entry in Dhaka, and afterward end of the trip, will also see you off at the Airport.

Safety: – No negotiation

Your safety is of the extreme importance to us.

Therefore, when it comes to care the overhead of our tours low, safety is one area in which we just don’t compromise.

Our experienced guides are appointed based on their practical ability, proven safety records, flawless decision, their responsive manner and their capacity to deliver cooperative and well-informed directions.

They are also extremely qualified and well proficient in first aid and own protection gear. We also make sure that first aid gears are accessible on all tours.

Quality & Value

We offer class service to all our customers. We deliver all the essential and requirement of each customer with utmost care and concern.

We have made our position as one of the topmost travel/tour Company in the country in terms value services.

Our prices of all the trips are very consistent and matchless with any other local tour/travel company.


Anyplace we planned our tours, we deliver the finest available accommodations.

In our every tours/trips, we deliver best types of amenities as per their requirements like: – travels outbound/ inbound tours during their tours, hotels, lodges and hygienic food how we can collaborate with our valued customers as our best.


Sofhor Tourism delivers A/C & non-A/C large minibuses and cars which are providing to groups and individual.

Our associated guides are well-mannered; glowing behaves, very skilled and fit.

They are well competent with the local-areas and can communicate well in English/Hindi and local languages.

Personalized Tours

Sofhor Tourism can operate personalized tours in the least number of customers, two/three in most of the region as per their requirements in reasonable price and relaxed service.

Staff Care

Our Staffs are well trained and skilled to run the company and to attain its goal.

Most of our skilled staff are working very hard, in our workplace since the date of founding till now.

Our CEO, tour-guides, office staffs work as a coordinated team.

As, we are also very humble to them and guarantee them work, and pay them well according to their works and skill. Our fair-minded business strategies to be continued everlasting.


How many people can stay in the hotel?

Normally, 2 to 4 people can stay in a hotel room but it depends on the hotel room booking policy. To get more info, contact:

Ka -1/C, Flat-4th Floor, Titas Road, South Badda, Gulshan-1 Dhaka, Dhaka 1212
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Do you except deposit payment?

Yes. We accept deposit payment.

Which credit cards do you except?

We accept VISA, Master, Amex

Are the tours included with travel fare?


Are the tours included with meals?


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