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Rivers of Bangladesh

The fascinating scenic beauties of rivers, the resilient lifestyles of rural people living by the riverside and the crazy waves of the rivers have made Bangladesh a unique landscape to explore. Bangladesh is a riverine country having as many as 700 rivers that crisscrossed the land and created the most complex river system in the world. Rivers, the integral part of social, cultural and national life, contributed to the economy in many ways. The fascinating scenic beauty of rivers and the resilient lifestyle of the people are the great attractions for the tourists especially cruising by country boats and luxury vessels are the lifetime experience for the visitors.


Padma is one of the biggest rivers in Bangladesh and well known for having the biggest delta in Asia. Visitors can enjoy various types of experiences such as boat riding, fishing, cruising, rowing, – especially mud football in the ‘char’ river island formed from sedimentation is the most enjoyable experience for the visitors, while hilsha fry, the exquisite delight will be a memorable dish to have in your life.


Meghna River

The cruise-in Meghna River gives visitors the chance to make friends with the river. Through the journey in the mighty Meghna River, one can get the touch of nature or can swim and fun in the solitude. Every year boat race, a kind of entertainment for rural people is arranged in Meghna River. There are a good number of fine resorts offering exclusive services along the river.


Jamuna River

Jamuna, one of the three main rivers of Bangladesh, is famous for Jamuna Multipurpose Bridge that is complemented by a good number of standard and luxury resorts on both sides. The visitors can have the rare opportunity to cruise, experience the resilient lifestyle of the people and enjoy the warm hospitality and services of the resorts. So cruising, boat-journey, river trekking are some of the exotic experiences that will give you a lifetime memory in your travel history.


Brahmaputra River

The Brahmaputra River is one of the holiest rivers of the world as it is called the Son of the Creator of the Cosmos, in Hindu mythology. Originated from the Himalayan range, traveling through Tibet, India, and Bangladesh, the Brahmaputra falls to the Bay of Bengal. It is the only male river in Asia, which is fabulous in style and characteristics in Bangladesh.

Kirtonkhola River

Kirtonkhola River offers boat sailing with a very special boat named Goyna (local name). The village life just by the side of this river amazes visitors with their lifestyles. attire, hospitality, and occupation. The nearby local market caters to the visitors with handicrafts. local foods etc.


Buriganga River

If you want to sail around old Dhaka, Buriganga River is the perfect place. You can see the busy people rushing to and fro for earning Sadarghat waterfront. It is the largest Bangladesh, From here you can start cruising to Sundarbans, Barisal, Chandpur through Rocket Steamer. The historical architecture Ahsan Manzil and Lalbagh Fort are situated by the side of Buriganga River. You can also taste their livelihood at launch terminal up mouthwatering foods of old Dhaka.


Karnaphuli River

The Karnaphuli River, flowing through Rangamati district, is gorgeously decorated with the green hills around. You can float on this river and lost yourself into the serene beauty. Kaptai Dam is the only dam in Bangladesh that is used to generate hydro-electric power situated at Karnaphuli River. The natural beauty of this area attracts visitor all year-round.


Jadukata River

Jadukata River is another blue river at Sunamganj. The river is very wide in the rainy season. The mile-long sandy bank will tell you the strength of the river at rainy season. The color of the water is bluish. It is so clear that you can see the river bed from the bank You’ll find a lot of large stones everywhere on the bank. it’s magnificent view surprises visitors all the way


Piyain River

Piyain River is located in the scenic valley of Jaflong, Sylhet. This river provides a temporary and stable source of income for thousands of stone collectors The river is surrounded by the eye-catching green forests, Khasia (tribe) para, Betel garden, and Orange garden.


Shitalakshya River

The story of this river is as old as the history of the capital of Bangladesh. You can make an enjoyable boat journey on this river. Visit the nearby places such as Jamdani Palli, the historical Panam City, and Folk Arts Museum at Sonargaon will captivate you with the rich history and heritage.


Sangu River

The river thrills the visitors in an amazing way alongside hills, forests, and waterfalls. The adventurous tourists can enjoy bamboo rafting which is full of thrill and excitement. The riverside tribal life can give extra pleasure to the visitors.


Shomeshwari River

Shomeshwari River, one of the most beautiful rivers of Bangladesh, located at the Netrokona District. The color of the water of this river is green and somewhere is blue and the water is very cold. This river has divided Garo Hills into two parts. You can make a trip to Garo hill and enjoy the tribal lifestyle.

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